You probably aren’t thinking about nutrition or saliva production while packing your carry-on. Lucky for you, founder of Renewal Kit™ for Travelers, Dr. Patti Milligan, who has been in the field of natural medicine for more than 35 years as a functional medicine nutritionist, is fascinated with the impact of travel on the body’s changing nutritional needs. She’s so invested in it that she specializes in an emerging field called regenerative nutrition, which explores the relationships between performance and how the body regenerates itself for building resilience.

If you saw the air miles Dr. Milligan put in, you would immediately know she’s no stranger to being a travel warrior. She’s known to cross multiple time zones during a single trip. Dr. Milligan is excited for other jetsetters and those working in the airline industry to experience evidence-based nutrient support found in Renewal Kit™ for Travelers. It can provide the body with just the right nutrients to allow for better resilience during travel and help you arrive at your destination feeling renewed, refreshed, relaxed and ready to go.

Dr. Milligan has a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Consumer Sciences, Master of Science in Nutritional Biochemistry and Sports Medicine and a Doctorate in Neuroscience of Taste specializing in saliva’s impact in regeneration nutrition.

Why Did We Create Renewal Kit™ for Travelers?

Inspired by her thesis, “A New Perspective To Combat Jet Lag via unique Gastronomy Techniques – A Multi-Sensory Experience” founder Patti Tveit Milligan, PhD, RD, CNS studied the best way to support the body’s resilience and immune system during travel.
Dr. Milligan realized there was no product on the market that matched the research, so she set out to bring Renewal Kit™ for Travelers to life.

Most travelers experience some type of digestive, immune or fatigue issue and Dr. Milligan realized food might hold a key. Enter Renewal Kit’s food-based supplements, intelligently designed to revolutionize the way your body travels.

Combining the best in evidence-based science with the wisdom of holistic medicine, the Renewal Kit™ for Travelers is a solution for “travel warriors” to support key body functions most challenged during travel.

  • Mission

    Help travelers arrive stress free!

  • Promise

    Offer you, the travel warrior, the finest in well-researched nutrition support to invigorate energy, uplift resiliency, and bring back enjoyment to travel. Your well-being is our passion!

  • Values

    We provide the highest quality nutritional supplements with efficacious dosing and the utmost transparency in all of our operations. We package it all up with superior integrity in all we do for YOU.

  • Purpose

    We integrate the power of plant and holistic medicine with evidence-based health practices to offer travelers the highest standard of quality in travel wellness.

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